Non-alcoholic Cocktail · DaiquirISH 250 ml
Non-alcoholic Cocktail · DaiquirISH 250 ml
Non-alcoholic Cocktail · DaiquirISH 250 ml
Non-alcoholic Cocktail · DaiquirISH 250 ml
Non-alcoholic Cocktail · DaiquirISH 250 ml
Non-alcoholic Cocktail · DaiquirISH 250 ml

Non-alcoholic Cocktail · DaiquirISH 250 ml

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Non-alcoholic Lime Daiquiri cocktail with ISH® Caribbean spiced Spirit, lime & simple syrup. Tastes so close to the classic we fooled ourselves. Ready-to-drink, mindful beverage.

It’s a new-school take on an old-school classic, minus the alcohol of course (<0.2%). It’s a simple yet delicate blend of RumISH, lime juice and raw sugar.

The Daiquiri is typically a short drink, so each can of DaiquirISH serves two, perfect for sharing with friends.

Though pregnancy and nursing undoubtedly come with its beautiful perks, chances are you’ve given up on some stuff too! Welcome to the mindful world of ISH, where being pregnant, and enjoying a social cocktail is indeed possible. With ISH non-alcoholic premixed cocktails, you can be a mindful drinker and enjoy some of the classic cocktails at the same time.

While the market is being flooded with semi-healthy, very sugary alcohol substitutes which often leave us feeling disappointed, ISH offers a true, unexaggerated replacement for your all-time favourites. Make sure to stock up before a baby shower or send a pack of these cans as a gift - every mama-to-be we know will be so grateful!

All ISH products are perfectly safe to enjoy while pregnant. You might be surprised to learn that many everyday food products actually contain trace amounts of alcohol. Orange juice, for example,contains 0,3%-0,4% alcohol. The soy sauce we love to put on sushi? That has alcohol too. Ever eaten a very ripe banana? Then the odds are you consumed some alcohol. Even bread, once baked, can have residual traces of alcohol. Yet all of these are considered alcohol-free from a regulatory standpoint as the amount of alcohol is so minimal that it has no impact whatsoever.

However, if enjoying something that is 0% makes you more comfortable, no problem, we’ve got those too. For that, we recommend our Château del ISH Sparkling Wines. Made from traditional grapes and dealcoholized fully to provide you with a sparkling wine experience with no compromise.

1 Can, 250ml
Share with a friend (enough for 2 servings)

Alcohol-free premixed Lime Daiquiri cocktail with award-winning taste. Based on ISH Caribbean Spiced Spirit, lime and sugar, ISH Spirits strives to deliver the most authentic non-alcoholic Daiquiri experience for the mindful drinker.

· Made from natural ingredients
· Alcohol: <0.2%
· Low sugar (9.9 g sugar/100 ml)
· Low calories (46 kcal/100 ml)
· 250 ml x 1 slim can
· Vegan certified
· Gluten-Free
· Award-winning

ISH Spirits took their award-winning, non-alcoholic RumISH, made from sustainably sourced Madagascar vanilla, nutmeg, baked apples and shells from chili seeds. They added limes and sugar and created DaiquirISH – a simple yet delicious non-alcoholic cocktail, authentic to the classic Daiquiri we know and love.

ISH Spirits wish was to honor the original Daiquiri, a timeless classic cocktail that dates back to 1898 in the eponymous mining town of Daiquiri on the southeastern tip of Cuba. The taste of dark Rum is balanced with the sour limes, mainly sourced from Mexico and raw sugar. Simple, delicious and alcohol-free. Additionally they have developed a unique distillate using the shells from chili seeds to provide the satisfying heat we love from our cocktails.

ISH Lime Daiquiri can be enjoyed straight from the chilled can or dressed up in a coupe glass with a fresh lime wheel. Want to add a slight buzz? Simply spike your ISH Lime Daiquiri with a dash of dark Rum. The result is a mindful cocktail significantly lower in alcohol, compared to your traditional Daiquiri. The Daiquiri is typically a short drink, so each can contains two servings, perfect for sharing with a friend.

Water, sugar, stabiliser: glycerol, acidity regulator: citric acid, natural rum flavouring with other natural flavourings, natural lime flavouring with other natural flavourings, natural flavouring, apple extract, preservative: potassium sorbate.

The process of extracting flavors from plants sometimes require a small amount of alcohol to release its full flavor. This is why some ISH products are labeled with minimal traces of alcohol. To compare, orange juice and goma dressing contain 0,3%-0,4% alcohol, as does many other everyday products. Therefore it's perfectly safe to consume alcohol-free products labelled with less than 0,5% alcohol, also if you are pregnant.

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